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Hear the yell…
October 7, 2006

Say what you will about the Stripes (and their incessant lack of bass-line), but this song is amazing with a capital “w.”

And while “walk with me, Suzy Lee” and the like may be some of the most trite lyrics in the history of music (the works of Menudo included), White’s writing is reminiscent of early Lennon, and the lead singer’s McCartney-like vocals are undeniably undeniable.

What makes The White Stripes even mentionable on the growing garage-band, blues-infused music scene is their sheer range of musical talent, and the fact that this song sounds nothing like they’ve ever done. With pop perfection, they’ve created a simple formula of catchy beats, thoughtful vocals, and guerrilla-length tracks. Here’s to hoping their new-found popularity doesn’t take it all away (ahem–Jimmy Eat World–ahem).

Oh, and for those of you still wondering: no, “amazing” doesn’t have a “w” in it.

“We’re Gonna Be Friends” The White Stripes