It’s okay to be no one (and maybe you’re not).

October 7, 2006 - Leave a Response

I’d love to see the world as Conor Oberst does: as one giant “Yay” waiting to be screamed from mountaintops and sung by poets near and far, the acclimation of some four thousand years of documented human history in that simple, 3-letter proclamation. To hear and see everything a man might in his short years on earth, and to find, at the bottom of everything, nothing but happiness.

Of, course, life isn’t as simple as all that; the world is an imperfect place. Oberst himself has faced his fair share of sad in his life, but at the end of it all, it won’t be about that: death will only bring us life, and the monotonousness of it all will just disappear. And, we–like the setting sun–will return from whence we came.

“At the Bottom of Everything” Bright Eyes